Outdoor Pet Bed – Why & What To Look For

As the whole family prepares for summer break and vacation, don’t forget your fur baby as you gear up for the backyard or traveling. An outdoor pet bed is just as vital to your plan as sunscreen is to the whole family.

If you are asking yourself ‘why’ this is necessary, let’s start by understanding the primary benefits:

  • OFF THE PAVEMENT – Sidewalks, driveways, concrete decks, and the like are all hot to our touch. They can be extremely hot to your pet. A bed can provide elevation and air flow allowing for a healthier pet.
  • OFF THE DIRT & GRASS – By providing a pet bed, your pet will stay out of the dirt and grass more which means less contact with insects but more importantly, means less of those things tracked into your home.
  • SHADE – Just like us, your pet will need shade during those hot summer days and a bed strategically placed in the shade, or even more important, getting an outdoor pet bed with a canopy or shade element will protect your pet.

Before you begin buying, consider the following ideas of what to look for to make sure you get the right bed for your pets lifestyle.


First and foremost you want your pet to be comfortable. And since you know how your pet likes to lounge inside, take all of those personal preferences into consideration when you look at comfort factors:

  • SOFTNESS – if your pet is accustom to laying in plush, soft bedding, take this into account when you look at your options.
  • STRETCH ROOM – Size matters! Does your pet like to curl up? Or doe he/she like to stretch as long as possible? Are there multiple pets using the same bed? This will help you determine the actual size of the bed needed.
  • BOLSTER/PILLOW – Does your pet prefer to lay their head on a bolster or pillow?
  • CONFINEMENT – Does your pet prefer to sleep in confinement like a crate, house or other structure that offers complete surroundings?

Resist the Elements

Weather is not the only element to take into consideration, although it is an important one.

  • Water resistant
  • Urine resistant
  • Chew resistant
  • Heated bed

Read the descriptions carefully and make sure to read reviews whenever available. In the end you may not get everything on your wish list but make an informed purchase. Reviews are a great help to know if the product will withstand the same type of environment you have.

Pets on the Move…or Not

If you’re that family that hits the road for the summer for camping adventures, visiting relatives or just sightseeing and your pet gets to go along, then make sure you factor mobility at the top of your purchase considerations. As much as you want your pet to be with you, make sure all the provisions you acquire for them fit into your ability to pack and move swiftly.

And likewise, if you have a resort-style life at home with a pool or other recreation, then your selection may allow for something more stationary.  There are great designs available for your pet furniture to compliment your décor.

To UV or Not to UV

Protection comes in many forms, such as UPF clothes, sunglasses, goggles, hats, however for today’s discussion we’ll focus on how outdoor pet beds can aid in the protection of your pet. This comes in the way of canopies, overhangs, sleeping bags or bed covers. Again think about how your pet lives inside your home. If they typically shy away from something enclosed then don’t consider an enclosed pet bed or dog house. Instead look at a canopy or overhang so they have that same open, yet secure feeling.

Don’t Be In Weight Denial

And finally, make sure you’re honest with yourself for your pet’s sake. Be sure to secure a bed that can handle the weight of your pet or pets, as the case may be. Yes, the larger beds may cost a bit more, but getting the wrong size could mean pet discomfort or worse, a broken bed. Make a good purchase that will serve both of you.

Good Decisions Ahead

Just like other decisions you make for your family, sometimes it requires some thought and a priority list to make sure the product meets as many needs as possible, and within the budget available. We will do our best to bring different beds and price points to help everyone find their perfect match.

Now if you’re like many of us paw parents, the outdoor pet bed will only be one purchase in the grand scheme of decor, supplies or equipment you will make. And the likelihood of making multiple bed purchases is pretty high. As we have done here, make a list of the priority items for each given situation to help you make the best possible purchase.

For Charity’s Sake

Paw Parents are a special breed of people. While my purpose is to provide a website to help others like me to purchase their pet supplies and find unique products, there are far too may fur babies out there that are less fortunate as well as military personnel who could use your help with their pets and service companions.

If you are interested in making the difference in the lives of rescue animals, please visit The Animal Rescue Site for a collection of human and pet merchandise where every purchase aids in feeding rescue animals. Select an item and you’ll find out how many rescue pets that it will support. Whether you make a purchase for yourself or you’re looking to find that perfect gift for a friend or loved one, you will find lots of opportunities to show your love of animals and make a great contribution at the same time.

In addition, if you are able to make a donation (one time or ongoing), the following organizations can also use your help for our military veterans:

In the spirit of paying it forward, share your love of animals however you can and within the means that you can.

8 thoughts on “Outdoor Pet Bed – Why & What To Look For

  1. I can totally resonate with this post and being a dog owner, it makes me really feel good to embrace this here. When getting an outdoor pet bed, it should be of note that there are important things to take care of a d they are the ones you have explained here and I really appreciate this a lot. Thank you so much for sharing these tips out here

    1. Paw parents so get it.  And I am always learning too. So glad you found the information helpful. Hope you keep coming back and let me know what you get.

  2. Thank you very much for these tips. I hadn’t considered the mobility factor. But, yeah, we travel a lot (or traveled a lot, we’re stuck at home now, but it’s for a good reason, we’re saving the world from our homes) and we take our pet with us.

    I also like it to be comfy and yeah, it must not be in contact with pavement, dirt or grass.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article and found it useful.  When I take my pets I look like a pack mule with all their stuff. Hope you’ll continue to follow along.

  3. I had no idea that the ground can be too hot for my Shiro. I always see him enjoying his sun when I take him out to the backyard. Literally, he sunbathes all the time.I thought it will be good for ticks and fleas but I guess I never have outdoor bed around…that is why he has no choice. Now that I know the reason, I am going to get one now and see if he still persists on sunbathing in the ground or not lol.

    1. Nuttanee, it really depends on where you are geographically when it comes to ground temperature.  For example I am in the desert and even dirt and grass can get hot.  Some places dog love the dirt because that’s their cool place – ground doesn’t get overly hot. My chihuahua used to bake in the sun but I always had her off the patio.  Let me know what you get and if Shiro takes to it.

  4. I love these dog items here on your site!  

    I have 2 dogs and they would especially like the outdoor pet bed for the beach!  I also think the dog rescue efforts are so important right now.  My dogs are both rescues so I know how important these efforts are!

    Thanks for sharing!,

    1. Alyse, I am so glad you enjoyed the content.  Us paw parents would move heaven and earth for our babies so it’s fun to share.  My girls are my world so I am always looking for things that can’t be easily found. I hope you will continue to come back for more.

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